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"By rediscovering the natural spirituality of our ancestors before we became splintered from the natural world; by remembering our intimate connection with this natural world with which we are inextricably connected; and by learning to listen and speak to the spiritual voices for which the human ear is naturally attuned and that have been begging for us to listen for thousands of years, we have the means to assist ourselves and each other to return to wellness." Steve Serr

Welcome to Dr. Steve Serr’s comprehensive shamanism class series where you can learn shamanism and shamanic spirituality with its wellness and healing strategies. Discover our original human path of personal growth while recovering our sacred relationship with our Earth.

Explore our human indigenous Earth-centered spiritual life through carefully prepared shamanism course materials that include exercises, rituals and ancient wellness and healing practices that take you step by step from a solid foundation of awareness and intention to the delicate work of an advanced practitioner. Both audio and written presentations and the important personal mentoring that happens between teacher and student are all delivered to you directly.

The opportunity to learn shamanism online provides a surprising technological return to the historically respected, traditional approach of one-on-one shamanic training. Today, Shamanism 101 is the benchmark path for professional shamanic healing certification. Grounded on many thousands of years of worldwide shamanic practices, Shamanism 101 assures that you have solid comprehensive training in shamanic healing and divination. Because your work is individually monitored, the reward is professional certification.

What is shamanism? You are provided with complete and thoroughly explained materials on shamanic healing practices to read and ponder, audio talks that feel like a live classroom, and regular indoor and outdoor assignments that take what you learn and move it deep into your own experience. Clearly written and fascinating lessons fuel your understanding, abilities and personal growth from compassionate and supportive mentors. The sole interests of Dr. Serr and his personally trained and supervised advanced practitioner staff are not only your development as a particularly competent professional, but one who is a whole and empowered person.

This is keenly important, for

Shamanism 101

has become an extraordinary catalyst to personal growth that opens a path for students to recover their primal human indigenous spirituality and recover their natural relationship with our sacred Earth, while also being one of the few places in the world today where solid healing training leads to professional certification for hard work and demonstrated ability.

Since the dawn of human time and across the globe, shamanism has sung our human indigenous Earth-centered spirituality. Now, it lends a healing voice to an era that yearns to reconnect with the Whole from where we came. We invite you to reclaim our ancestral shamanic spirituality and healing arts with what we have worked hard to build - and trust you will discover - a comprehensive, accessible, and professionally oriented shamanic training course series.
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