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Home of Shamanism 101

Study shamanism, train in shamanism,
and learn shamanic spirituality and healing,
while taking part in an ancient spiritual journey...

Welcome to Shamanism 101, today's benchmark training program in shamanic practices. We invite you to a comprehensive education in shamanic spiritual wellness and healing, but even more, to an unforgettable journey of personal spiritual growth and recovery.

Through thoroughly explained reading and encouraging audio lectures, regular assignments of classic shamanic activities and experiences, and amidst the back-and-forth scurry of emails between deeply engaged students and their equally motivated teachers, the opportunity to learn shamanism online with Shamanism 101 has shown itself over and over to be today's surprising return through technology to the historically respected, traditional approach of one-on-one shamanic mentoring.

Unusual in today's world, each student is paired with a personal teacher who will guide them through the crucial personal growth that can only happen when a student is followed closely by someone who knows the nuances of their particular path. Grounded on many thousands of years of worldwide shamanic practices, the curriculum and course experiences of Shamanism 101 assure a personally mentored, solid and comprehensive education.

However, Shamanism 101 not only trains in particularly competent healing and divination, but in the tradition of 'healer, heal thyself', this program is also committed to each student's reclamation of their wholeness and empowerment. Here is where Shamanism 101 moves even farther beyond the mainstream in shamanic education today. It is because shamanism is such an extraordinary catalyst to personal growth that Shamanism 101 made each student's personal spiritual journey a core aspect of its program. We are committed to helping you discover your path to the primal potential of your human wholeness.

This, after all, the essence of shamanism itself.

For those with a professional inclination, Shamanism 101 is also the benchmark program for certification in professional shamanic practice. Your competency is assured because your work is individually monitored by a closely observant teacher whose own competency has been amply demonstrated, and all of this within a school where the curriculum is unquestionably grounded and solid.

Trained as a psychologist who realized the shortcomings of contemporary psychology, Dr. Steve Serr left the clinical world to gather, learn from, and explore the profound personal wellness understandings of our global indigenous past. A perennial student himself, Steve spent years doggedly gathering, teaching, and then compiling an audio and written course with a wealth of information that would engage even the most demanding student at a powerful and personal level. His goal was to make readily available, the ordinarily hard-to-reach training in shamanism and its Earth-centered spirituality. The culmination of this is what you find here: a carefully prepared course of shamanic exercises, rituals and ancient wellness and healing practices. However, he wanted a course that would not only take all students step by step from a solid foundation of awareness and intention to the delicate work of an advanced practitioner, but at the same time, walk each student through the never-to-be-forgotten spiritual journey that is shamanism.

Since the dawn of human time and around the world, shamanism has provided a direct access to our global indigenous Earth-centered spirituality. This was our human inheritance, though through time and neglect our inheritance has been largely forgotten and left unclaimed. Now rediscovered and gathered, the wisdom of shamanism is able to lend a healing voice to an era that yearns to reconnect with the Whole. Whether you have come to Shamanism 101 to assist your own return to wholeness, or whether your goal is professional shamanic practitioner certification, we welcome you to join us in reclaiming our ancestral shamanic spirituality and healing arts. We have worked hard to build this program so that here, you will discover a comprehensive, accessible, and professionally oriented shamanic training series that is also your shamanic spiritual journey.

Join us on a path that has been waiting for you for generations.

"By rediscovering the natural spirituality of our ancestors,
by remembering the intimate connection that we had with our natural world
before we became splintered from it,
and by learning to listen and respond to the spiritual voices
that have been begging us to listen for thousands of years
and to which the human ear is naturally attuned,
we have the means to assist ourselves and each other
to return to wholeness."

Steve Serr

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