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A school where you can study shamanism, train in shamanism,
and learn shamanic spirituality and healing, while being personally mentored
on our Earth's most ancient spiritual journey...


Shamanism 101 is the leading source for an in-depth, heart-centered, ethical and online global access to shamanic education and where dedicated and proven skilled practitioners can obtain Certified Shamanic Practitioner status (CSP). Whether you are searching for a spiritual path to personal wellness, insight and growth, or whether you are aiming for service as a skilled practitioner for others, or even if your ultimate goal is preparation for teaching shamanism, you have found the school that makes the most sense financially, philosophically, and in terms of an unquestionably comprehensive education.

All who enter Shamanism 101 are individually mentored along a simple but profound path of shamanic self-work: a readily accessible personal experience in the basic spiritual exercises and understandings that take us back to our rightful human wholeness. Not to be confused with some more entertaining paths that call themselves shamanism, psychotropics (entheogens, drugs, plant medicine) are absolutely not a part of Shamanism 101's curriculum. It is estimated more than 90 percent of shamans throughout history never relied on these because compassionate, complex and delicate work necessitates clear-headedness and a shaman's purposeful, self-controlled, intentional focus. Additionally, because Shamanism 101 teaches spiritually based practices, we are careful to not describe ourselves or our work in psychological terms. Nonetheless, those who experience the several months of the basic, first course, roundly report an unexpectedly surprising, spiritually grounded path of self-exploration, discovery, and personal development that does not end, but only deepens, as the student moves on.

Inspired by the benefits from focusing on one's own wholeness, many feel after completing Level 1 an overwhelming desire to learn to facilitate this kind of spiritual healing in others. From having experienced one's own growth through the several months of Level 1's self-work, one may naturally discover a heartfelt need to become the one who serves others: a shaman. There is no need to fear this term! What, a shaman? Yes. And we will help you completely demystify all the baggage and misinformed awe that has accumulated around that word. Here is where Levels 2 and 3 take off. F
rom merging practices to ancient initiatory experiences, from extraction to direct divination, and from soul retrieval to shamanic psychopomp, Shamanism 101's advanced levels of shamanic training bring you the teachers who personally mentor you through an unequaled curriculum where you learn how to assist others in their recovery of wholeness.

You are not alone in the search that is leading you to shamanism, for our pressing need to reclaim our ancient, Earth-centered understandings and spiritualites is a realization that is growing rapidly throughout the world. There are easily two good reasons for this: first, the Earth is shouting at us to remember our integral connection with Her, and second, shamanism with its Earth-based spirituality is innately a part of our immediate human experience that in one form or another has once thrived in nearly all regions of the world and in nearly every person's ancestry. 

But don't think this course of study is just like any high school or college course where we simply gather information that we then spout back. Shamanism is not something that one simply 'learns'. Shamanism is a becoming: one becomes a practitioner and then, perhaps, a shaman, and this sprouts from within. Shamanism evolves
 naturally from inside us because it is in effect, within our very DNA. Shamanism is invariably idiosyncratic, manifesting in particuar ways within each practitioner, and within their local ecology, geographical region and the particular cultural stream in which they live. This is where so many contemporary shamanic educators have done the world a deep disservice, trying to hand to others a shamanism that is not truly their own.

Our efforts at Shamanism 101 are for you to discover the shamanic practitioner who truly is you, and the shamanism that truly is your own. Yes, you will learn many things. However, the practitioner in you is someone that under direct mentorship, you can grow into and become.

Welcome to Shamanism 101, your access to the worldwide core of the ancient shamanic paths to our personal spiritual wellness and the recovery of wholeness. Join us in what is the benchmark 
training program of shamanic practices in all levels of training. We invite you to a comprehensive education in shamanic spiritual wellness and healing that is simultaneously your unforgettable journey of personal spiritual growth and recovery.

We love shamanism!

Yes, this is us. We are the teachers here at Shamanism 101. Shamanism 101 stands apart from most shamanic education sources today because we bring you what the workshop folk said was lost in history and could never be brought back to shamanic training: personal mentoring. Here, you are not lost in a sea of faces that you will probably not encounter again. Your mentor at Shamanism 101 will personally guide you through the crucial growth that can only happen when you are followed closely by someone who not only knows the nuances of what is ahead, but has come to know you well, with all of your strengths and challenges. Grounded on many thousands of years of worldwide shamanic practices and understanding, these courses return you to the personally mentored, solid and comprehensive education that shamanism deserves.

Through the course's thoroughly explained reading and audio lectures, regular assignments of classic shamanic activities and experiences, and amidst the back-and-forth scurry of emails between deeply engaged students and their equally motivated teachers, the opportunity to learn shamanism online with Shamanism 101 has shown itself over and over to be today's surprising return through technology to the historically respected, traditional approach of one-on-one shamanic mentoring.

These courses are designed to meet three primary levels of shamanic interest. First, Learn to Journey (Level 1) does more than train the essential shamanic skills. This is actually a course for everyone. Shamanism 101 has realized along with the rest of today's practitioners, the tremendous possibility of personal growth and discovery that shamanic practices provide. Learn to Journey was created to be a broadly accessible and safe place for anyone who has heard of the possibility of participating in what is probably the Earth's most ancient program of personal growth. Having completed this, Merging with Power (Level 2) and Soul Work (Level 3) are designed for practitioners who realize from the fruits of their own work that they want to help others. Here is where students build on the foundation of Learn to Journey and develop the skills of extending the same access to shamanic insight and healing that shamans had developed over tens of thousands of years. Finally, in Teacher Training (Level 4) and after completing what by this time has amounted to about a year and a half, if you have excelled, you now have the possibility of engaging in a 17 month complete shamanic teacher training program of bi-weekly, deepening assignments and supervised teaching where, along with a small group of colleagues, the skilled practitioner deepens their understanding and their practices in order to be fully capable of developing the shamanism of others. In all of these things, course materials include readings, lectures, regular class assignments and the ongoing support that ensures solid shamanic training.

Once again, for those nay-sayers who said it couldn't be done, we did it. This is real.

Learn to Journey (Level 1): Basic Shamanic Practice, Personal Growth and Discovery

When your desire is to establish a personal shamanic practice for insight, well-being and spiritual growth, Level 1, guided by your own personal teacher, is the perfect match. Here you will learn the foundations of shamanism including core techniques such as learning to journey. You will explore the upper, middle and lower worlds, learn strong ethics and protocols, and meet your power animals, spirit helpers and teachers. You will learn rituals such as calling in the directions and sage cleansing, and throughout it all, follow your own path of shamanic inner-work to bring forth your true essence, and much more...

The first level of Shamanism 101 training puts students squarely on the shamanic path themselves, just as throughout prehistory, shamans had their students face their own initiations long before anyone even thought about working with others. The foundation of any good practitioner has been first, the regathering of one's own lost power. Before one is ready to help others in shamanism, one must find one's own full, true self.

Once this is done in Level One, a student is ready to learn how to work with others. This is where for those with a professional inclination, Shamanism 101 is also the benchmark program for certification in professional shamanic practice, which is the core of Levels Two and Three. Your competency as a practitioner is assured because your work is individually monitored by a closely observant teacher whose own competency has been amply demonstrated, and all of this within a school where the curriculum is unquestionably grounded and solid.

For more on Learn to Journey: Basic Shamanic Practice, Personal Growth, use this Link.

Merging with Power (Level 2) and Soul Work (Level 3):
The Practitioner who Works with Others

For those who have a strong desire to establish a practice and provide skilled shamanic healing and divination, levels two and three are unequaled. Again, both of these courses (basically intermediate and advanced) are naturally, personally mentored and you are carefully followed with training guidance by one of our teachers. From finding the special dance of one’s spirit helper to dance doctoring, from the extraction of a spiritual intrusion to soul retrieval, and from the broadest awareness of how our clients might come to us to the most ancient initiatory experiences that shamans and their students have experienced throughout time, you will experience all of this and much more during what may be the larger part of another year of regular training. Most people take longer.

For more information on what goes into these additional courses, take a look at the pages dedicated to them. We have worked very hard to make this training the most comprehensive curriculum for education and preparation in shamanic practice that you can find. You will graduate knowing that you are extremely well prepared to work with others but even more, we will also be able to certify your demonstrated abilities - not simply that you showed up for a class - at each level of training because we have closely monitored your progress every step of the way.

Graduates of the third course (Level 3: Soul Work) attain Certified Shamanic Practitioner (CSP) credentialing from this school. Because there is no current agreement among shamanic teachers as to what proper certification entails, Shamanism 101, LLC is leading the effort to make this happen because we have developed what we truly believe is the strongest training program in the field. Moreover, our Certification and Records department retains your certification and date so you can request that the school sends a letter indicating your certification to you or to someone or an organization for whom you request this be sent.

For more information on training at the intermediate Merging With Power, Level 2, follow this link.

For more information on working with others at the advanced
Soul Work, Level 3, follow this link.

Teacher Training (Level 4)

Finally, for those who have successfully graduated from Level 3 and become through us a Certified Shamanic Practitioner, (CSP) and for those whose ethics and expertise have reached for excellence, a periodic training course lasting up to a year and a half takes a small cohort of exceptional practitioners into their full capability.

Essentially, the Teacher Training Certification course doubles the self-discovery, development and preparation of what the student gathered through their previous three course levels of development. Every area that has already been studied is pushed farther and deeper. Interestingly, although all areas of shamanic practice when first taught expand one hugely, for those who step into teacher training, all previous work seemed to have been just the beginning. Teacher training provides one with a small group of close colleagues to journey with through much deeper exploration and discovery every step along the way.

Moreover, in learning to teach, one naturally studies and challenges their personal ways of interacting with students, who themselves, are learning shamanism. We look closely at the different channels we have to interact, support, and help develop those who come to not just learn, but become the practitioner and become the shaman. Moreover, there is no better way of insuring that one truly knows their shamanism well than to face and respond to the often challenging questions and concerns that students invariably bring to us. Here is truly an education by fire. For those who are ready for it, the best way to really master shamanism is to have to teach it.

This is, as you can well imagine, the narrowest of paths, and exists as it always has been, for those who truly have a driving need inside them to excel in this work. We insist that those who teach must be this good, which for us means that they have the compassionate nature, are heart-centered, are skilled, are understanding and are unquestionably ethical.
 Again, because we are monitoring a teacher's development and capability every step of the way, they will become certified through us as a shamanic teacher (CST) at graduation.

To learn more about Shamanism Teacher Training, Level 4, follow this link.


Levels One, Two and Three: Your exchange for 10 to 12 lessons of individually supervised training over several months is $290.00 USD which unsurprisingly allows for a deeper and more comprehensive education than today's large group workshops that typically last one weekend, but charge about the same.

Teacher Training: $350. This covers approximately a year and a half of training meetings and personal and professional shamanic development exercises, as well as providing ongoing supervision for teaching.


Students receive a separate certification at the successful completion of the requirements of each course level of training. On graduation from Level 3, we have been with you and observed your work carefully enough to simultaneously provide Certified Shamanic Practitioner (CSP) certification. For those who then successfully go through Teacher Training, we can certify you as a Certified Shamanic Teacher (CST).

There is not yet sufficient agreement between shamanic training courses and organizations to provide an overarching agreed certification. As Shamanism 101, LLC is sure of its curriculum and our ability to closely monitor student assimilation of shamanic skills, knowledge and ethics, we are confident in taking the lead in introducing the shamanic certification process to the contemporary world.

We retain all graduate's successful record of training so they can refer any organization or person to us for training validation whenever this might find this helpful, such as when applying to universities, other trainings, or for a resume. All certifications are personally named and carry the school's embossed seal.

Tell me even more! To learn more about what goes into your training, click on this link! 

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